Guide to using the viewer

The online viewer uses WebGL to display the
models in 3d within a web browser, so it's your computer that is processing the 3d data, not our server, this means that your computer has to support WebGL.

If you can see a spinning cube below, your computer supports WebGL, if it does not or you would like more information please visit for more details. Please note that models displayed online have be decimated to below a 100 thousand triangles to make the models usable online, you are able to download obj files are at full resolution in the download section, and these can be viewed using free viewers such as meshlab and blender.

Our models range in size from between 2.5mb to 20mb, so depending on your download speed, it way take a few minutes for the models to be download into the viewer.

Whilst the model is downloading the controls needed to rotate, zoom and pan the models are show.

The left mouse button controls rotation, with the middle mouse button controlling zooming in and out and the right mouse button controlling panning.

When the models first load, they a black and untextured (no colour), this is because the 3d data is downloaded first and the colour information second. Please move the model by holding the left mouse button down and moving the mouse either left or right to load the colour information, it may take a few seconds for this to display.

At the top to the screen is a number of icons that allow you to change the view or turn items on/off.

help Click for help with controls
info Click for info panal
full screen Click for fullscreen mode
bounding box Turn bounding box on/off
grid Turn grid on/off (squares are 1cm)
left Change view - Left (not anatomical)
right Change view - Right (not anatomical)
top Change view - Top (not anatomical)
bottom Change view - Bottom (not anatomical)
front Change view - Front (not anatomical)
back Change view - Back (not anatomical)

When the model is fully loaded, you should be able to see a full colour model, that you can move about, with a bounding box and a grid. The bounding box and grid are there to help you get an idea of size of the models as the grid squares are 1cm. The bounding box and grid can be turned off using the icons at the top of the display.

Information about the displayed model can be displayed by clicking the 'i' icon.

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